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Shawna Schuh

Go Lie Down! How Taking a Break Will Help You and Your Business

Resting is part of the day.



ONE THING OUR pets teach us is that resting is part of the day.

“Go lie down,” we say to our canine companions.

We don’t need to tell them to do this. Dogs lie down to wait, they lie down to rest, and they settle down when the action stops.

Are you doing that for you? When do you plan on lying down awhile?

If you have a pet business, you’re already thinking about Christmas, but taking some time now to stop all the activity could be the best thing you can do for your business.

But how? Most pet professionals feel overworked. The really healthy and successful ones know that the time they take to refresh and renew is time invested in helping them think more clearly, come up with new ideas and give a fresh perspective to their team and customers.

  • Go to water. Airbnb is so easy to use, and it’s staying someplace people actually live, rather than a sterile hotel. Plus, you can be close to water, which has a calming effect on nearly everyone. The ocean, a river or a lake — any of these will help you re-level your tank. Extra idea: Blow up the air toys and float on the water.
  • Give yourself a spa day. Nourishing your body with healing touch is one of my favorite re-energizing activities. Our pets are healthier when we pet them (and, yes, it benefits us too). But who “pets” us? Hire a professional for a massage, a facial or a pedicure, and feel the love as our pets do.
  • Lie or walk barefoot on the earth. You can do this during a picnic, when you camp, or even at home in your yard. It’s amazing to me how humans no longer connect to the energy of the earth.

Dogs lie down on the ground often, and they are healthier for it. Why not us?

Ask yourself when was the last time you actually touched the ground? Walked barefoot outside, got your hands in dirt? This is the best way to ground yourself. Dogs get this.

These refreshing ideas will benefit you, but even better, they will help your family, team and customers because you will feel, look and communicate better.

Shawna Schuh is a certified speaking professional, an executive coach, master neuro linguistic programming practitioner and president of Women in the Pet Industry Network. Email her at



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